Certified Rubenfeld Synergist
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Synergy for Health #12 - 1901 - 126 Street SW Edmonton Alberta T6W 0R9 Canada 780 -441-1750

When I share that as a Synergist, I believe our body holds emotional memories at a
cellular level, many people keenly nod their heads with agreement. So how do we
get in touch with those memories, transform them and create a happier life?
By integrating body work and talk therapy.
One of my clients shared, "I've experienced both talk therapy and Rubenfeld Synergy. What I like about Synergy is the touch. I can understand and integrate so much faster than by just talking."
My healing intention is to provide a non-threatening atmosphere for clients to access their body's stories. Feeling safe to express and being listened to is primary in
healing ones self.

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Certified Rubenfeld Synergist
Relationships, Divorce, Trauma.

Registered Nurse

Laughter Yoga Leader
Cranial Sacral I, II
Public Speaker/Wellness Facilitator