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Rubenfeld Synergy is…

About Rubenfeld Synergy
An alternative healing modality that leads to...

Exercising nourishing connections with oneself and others,
Locating knowledge and wisdom held within bodymind and spirit,
Embodying strength and purpose during times of challenge and times of ease.
Synergy accesses the healing power of befriending your body.
Synergy offers hope for real change and deep, embodied peace.
MOVE from Stressed, Stuck and Suffering to Serene, Spirited and Satisfied.
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Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis,
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Are you aware that...

  • Your body is a vast resource of knowledge and wisdom?
  • Tapping this wisdom can support optimal health: your dynamic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?


  • Do you treat your body like a vehicle getting you from place to place?
  • Does your body often feel pressured, tense and stressed?
  • Does your body feel stuck…lacking in energy and vitality?
  • Do you suffer from repeated bouts of illness and dis-ease?

Envision a healthier, happier life...

where you understand that your body's signals and symptoms are messages intended for your own well-being.

Imagine using these messages to improve your relationships, work and health.
Are you ready to feel greater EASE, CONTENTMENT, and FREEDOM in your body and your life?

If so,

the Rubenfeld Synergy community, a group of bodymind professionals, is here to help. We'll support and teach you to listen to and translate the messages of your body so you can live a healthier and happier life.
We are Rubenfeld Synergists, a community of bodymind professionals dedicated to supporting people in befriending their bodies. We serve our clients in their desire to listen to the messages of the body to bring awareness, understanding, relief, and transformation to their lives. We do this through gentle touch and reflective listening in a safe, supportive environment.
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Why Befriend Your Body?

Listen to How People Have Befriended their Bodies

30 Day Invitation

About the Invitation
Our Gift to YOU!
Sample our 30-day Befriend Your Body Invitation for 7 Days FREE of CHARGE.

This program created by Synergist Lorie Speciale is designed to educate you about the value of cultivating a friendly relationship with your body. Lorie guides you through daily exercises that help you listen to your body and make practical use of the messages you receive from your body.
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